Hidden Moments Installation:

Danny's Tavern, Bucktown, 2016

"Hidden Moments"

Danny's Bar 2017

Chicago IL


The tiny closet under your staircase. The bowed window seal above your sink. Chatter amongst the crowded spokes of a twisted chandelier. Whispers behind a clock. Secrets behind a cast iron gate. The gossip between panes of stained glass and a casual conversation between chairs. These hidden moments that are all around us yet we are not welcome to conspire. When present, these moments are silent and unresponsive. Ignoring us. You can almost feel the fighting back of laughter. These interstitial spaces tip toe around us in avoidance everyday; sharing its knowledge and true identity only when left alone and the lights switched off. Floorboards cackle and ceiling cry: spaces of bustling emotion and concealed life. We are deprived of these cloaked personalities due to the shear fact that we are unworthy of understanding. This is what I want to capture. These wild animals thought to be extinct. To unveil the latent with in our own homes. I invite you to step into one of my paintings come to life and witness a “hidden moment” through paper and paint stroke.

Works Within Installaton

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