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Born and raised in Richmond, VA,  Zach moved to Chicago and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and a minor in Art History and Acting. Lately of the Leigh Gallery in Chicago, Zach’s work has been featured in both solo and group shows, as well as in a variety of printed and online publications.

Zach describes himself as a "place painter." His commissions consist mostly of bringing  memories of locations for others to life through his unique, somewhat whimsical lens.  A portrait of a house that one calls home,  a candlelit hole in the wall where someone popped the question or a beloved landmark are just a few examples of Zach's passion in bringing these places to life.

Zach's own studio work explores not just places but the endless possibilities of the abstract. A colorist at heart, Zach is interested in balancing the relationship of form and composition while still introducing slight familiar narratives within- such as arches and stairways the eye might recognize. Now exploring the world of Collage and mixed media, Zach strives to explore new boundaries in his work, transcending his process to the next level.  


Currently residing in Richmond's Museum District, Zach continues his practice as a full time artist as well as teaching for the Glen Allen Cultural Arts Center. ​

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